Announcement: Blocktonic Operation about to Cease

Dear users,

Thank you for your continued support of Blocktonic. Since its launch in 2018, Blocktonic has tried to expand cryptocurrency beyond just cryto trading and has been exploring crypto’s potential ecommerce. We are thankful for your participation in Blocktonic. By trying it out, you are truly one of the great pioneers of our time.

However, with over a year of operation, we found that due to the volatility of cryptocurrency price, the demand for using crypto to purchase is not high, coupled with the arrival of bearish market, the Blocktonic team has been struggling to survive and has to abort.

We regretfully inform you that as of 10:00 UTC, March 9, 2020, Blocktonic will cease to operate and users will be unable to access it.

Users are kindly asked to withdraw all their ETH/CMT balance (including rebated, etc) by 10:00 UTC on March 9,2020. Blocktonic will arrange special customer service personnel to conduct timely review, to speed up the withdrawal.

Any crypto that fail to be cashed out before the blocktonic site is shut down will be regarded abandoned by the user, so please make sure you go to blocktonic.io to withdraw in time. After the shutdown of the website, any furthur withdrawal will no longer be processed.

Any questions, please contact customer service: service@blocktonic.io

Thanks again for your support!

Blocktonic Team

Mar. 2nd 2020


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